Who am I? What is sawol2?


To explain simply, I’m just another exchange student turned ESL teacher living in Seoul, SK. After attending 연세대학교 for a year and returning back to the states I only had one goal and it was to get back to Seoul. Here I am, 2 years later, living the life that I had always dreamed of.

I wanted to make a blog not only to share all my photos and travels with my friends and family back home, but to show those who’ve never thought about visiting Korea how beautiful and intriguing Korea can be.

Oh ya, my friends call me 사월(Sawol). So I will be going by Sawol on my blog as well. Why Sawol? The ‘technical’ Korean translation of my name Apryl is 사월 (사=4 and 월=month), meaning the 4 month of the year. I had a friend start calling me Sawol one day and thought it was cute so I kept it. I add the 2 at the end of my name because in Korean 2 is 이 (‘ie’? lol) and in Korea when you call your friends by their name you can either say 사월아 (Sawol-ah) or  사월이 (Sawol-ie). So, instead of spelling my name out as Sawolie, I use a 2 at the end of Sawol becoming Sawol2 (Sawol-ie, 사월이).  Hope that made sense?

Anyways, my blog will mostly consist of posts about cafés, food, travels and really anything I find in Korea that I would want other people to see or go experience. I’m also willing to answer anyone’s questions about Korea. Thank you.



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